Figuring out the market value of your property assets in France

The expert assesment involves a real audit of your property assets throughout important phases such as :

  • A visit on site
  • A drawing up of one or several cadastral plans and plans for the IGN i.e FRENCH NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC INSTITUTE.
  • A drawing up of an expert report which takes into account all the legal, economic, social and technical aspects.

The market value report is different from the technical and environmental diagnosis which are not part of our duties.

You want to evaluate :

  • a hunting estate,
  • a forest,
  • a farm or agricultural lands
  • an outstanding property
  • A building or a flat in the Ile de France area

For a :

  • Patrimonial purpose
  • Fiscal purpose
  • Family or personal purpose

Or for any other reason,  please call us to make an appointment either by phone : (+33) or by email :